Poole Beelen & Associates is a management and workplace relations consultancy firm providing services to corporate and small to medium sized businesses.

Established in 1991, Poole Beelen has developed an enviable reputation for the provision of expert, timely, practical and economical advice and assistance to employers on workplace relations and human resource management issues. Our consultants present a unique mix of expertise and proven success in managerial positions as well as extensive involvement in the provision of strategic consultancy and training.

Poole Beelen & Associates' expertise is both comprehensive and varied. While we specialise in workplace relations activity we also provide services across the wide spectrum of general business functions.


Poole Beelen and Associates offer a complete human resource management service to both small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as large corporations within Australia and overseas.

Workplace Relations

Poole Beelen & Associates offers its clients comprehensive workplace relations expertise. Our consultants have been involved in the development of many enterprise, collective & certified agreements over a 20 year period. Read more.

Human Resource Management

Poole Beelen can tailor a range of related human resource management solutions to your organisation's needs. Read more.

Research Services and Products

Poole Beelen can provide dedicated research at a client's request on a range of industrial relations and employment matters, whether enterprise specific or industry-wide in application. Read more.

Workplace Investigations

Poole Beelen provides expertise to conduct investigation reports on issues related to grievance, work cover and whistleblower complaints as well as disciplinary matters. Read more.

Performance Management Service

Poole Beelen can designnew performance management arrangements which will dovetail with your remuneration system and associated classification and advancement provisions. Read more.

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